award nominees – harder than you’d think

Call for Nominations for 2015 CES Awards Extended Until February 27

I read this and thought, hey, what’s up with that? After a bit of investigating, it turns out that the CES hadn’t yet received nominees for any of its three awards. I had a quick think and came up with a list of names of people who would both qualify and be deserving of the awards. I contacted some colleagues, suggested the nominees and received nothing but enthusiasm. Well, right up until I contacted the potential nominees themselves. It seems that of the first three people I envisioned receiving awards, none actually were comfortable being nominated. They were each appreciative, but let me know they’d rather not be nominated. One wasn’t sure he’d attend, as his conference budget may be allocated to one of his staff member, each thought it was a bit too soon, and they all had a series of other of small reasons that essentially amounted to it didn’t feel quite right. I can respect that. I’m disappointed, not going to lie. Who knew this would be difficult? No wonder the deadlines were extended.

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