I see evaluation everywhere…

Isn’t it nice to read something well written and evenly paced about policies that can be fraught with well meaning, anecdotally based theory?

Reading this article brings to mind a few thoughts:
(1) be very cautious about correlation,
(2) those are some interesting studies described, how’d they do that?*
(3) what other assumptions are invalid, and
(4) more than ever, I’d like to see evaluations of policies and implementation tools be the norm, not the exception.

From Walter Frick for The Atlantic: A Strong Welfare State Produces More Entrepeneurs


* And really, how? Did they interview people as well? Were there multiple lines of evidence? Who paid for this research, because that’s also fascinating? Was it difficult, or did the days fly by doing it? What tools did they use? Are these reusable measures, or context-specific? So many other questions.

(post published from my phone, because that’s what I was reading after dinner when I found the article)

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