How can I help?

I am here to help you find X. I can help you to scope a problem, to enunciate what success looks like, to identify what information we have, need, or can get, to see how close we are to success, and work with you to put together a plan for next steps.

What do I really enjoy doing? Talking to people. Listening to people. Making colour coded spreadsheets. Figuring out what different streams of information mean individually and then collectively. Determining how to best share this information to those who need to know and who will be affected. Seeing new information become knowledge used to make decisions and address pressing issues brings a smile to my face. Celebrating successes and making the most of challenges is a big part of my professional life.

I work with people like you who need monitoring, evaluation, and learning (MEL), strategic planning, reporting, and other support.

I returned to Canada after four years in the US working with Social Impact Inc. on a project within USAID and with Free the Slaves, a Washington DC-based international not-profit focused on ending modern day slavery. Prior to that I lived and worked in Pakistan for two years, working with local and international not-profit organizations providing evaluation training and services, and survey and analysis services.

As an independent consultant and Credentialed Evaluator, my work includes monitoring, evaluation, and learning for programs and policies, strategic planning, performance management, research and analysis, reporting, and training.

Past projects centred around diplomacy, international trade and development (in peace precarious areas), regulatory practices (including nuclear regulation, food safety, taxation, and transportation), in sport for development, gender equity, democracy development, governance, taxation and audit support.

How can I help you?


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