I’m a Credentialed Evaluator, as designated by the Canadian Evaluation Society. I’ve been working in the field for more than a dozen years, beginning in 2002.

In addition to monitoring and evaluation, I have worked with a wide array of clients to provide support for their strategic planning, performance management, reporting, and training needs. I have worked alone on projects and with others as part of a larger team. Regardless of with whom I work, my attitude is always how can I help?

I found that what most drives me is solving problems, finding the figurative X and the needed solution. Often times this means scoping the problem, identifying what information we have, need, or can get, and then speaking with those most knowledgeable and those impacted to find a solution that works.

What do I really enjoy doing? Talking to people. Listening to people. Making colour coded spreadsheets. Figuring out what different streams of information mean individually and then collectively. Determining how to best share this information to those who need to know, especially ensuring that it is easily understood by those who have not been involved in the whole process. Seeing new information become knowledge and then used to make decisions and address pressing issues brings a smile to my face. Celebrating successes and making the most of challenges is a big part of my professional life.

I believe strongly in mentoring and volunteering. To that end, I joined with colleagues to establish Evaluation Mentoring Canada, a cost-free matching process for those who want to be mentors, mentees, or both. Supporting the development of my profession and those in it is an essential part of my role in the field. There is important work to be done and not enough people doing it. I hope that I can help bring talented people together and make them feel welcome so that they can succeed.

I continue to volunteer with evaluation-related organizations: the CES, Evaluation Mentoring Canada, the CESEF, an evaluation oriented educational fund, and a few others.

I consider my work a practice. I don’t ever expect to be done learning. Conferences, research, workshops, webinars, and midday learning sessions are all important to my own ongoing professional development. I believe it is a benefit to each of us as we work to become better at what we do. Over the years, I’ve done what I can to support this idea, through organizing or presenting at an array of learning sessions.

I have worked in Canada and internationally, including projects in the West Bank and Thailand, and Pakistan. Throughout this time, I’ve worked primarily as a consultant, either independently or originally, with PMN, a firm in Ottawa. Along the way, I did a two stints in government with Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development (then Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade) and Environment Canada.


Program evaluation, strategic planning, policy evaluation, evaluation frameworks, Canadian federal cabinet documents (MCs, TB Submissions), performance measurement, program assessment and other evidence-based decision making tools.


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