If you’d like more information on the Credentialed Evaluator designation from the Canadian Evaluation Society (CES), it can be found on the CES website page for Professional Designations.

Essentially, it is the first, and as of now only, professional designation available to evaluators. As the CES notes, “The designation means that the holder has provided evidence of the education and experience required by the CES to be a competent evaluator.” This designation is based on demonstrated achievement and ongoing support for five professional competencies:

  1. Reflective Practice competencies focus on the fundamental norms and values underlying evaluation practice and awareness of one’s evaluation expertise and needs for growth.
  2. Technical Practice competencies focus on the specialized aspects of evaluation, such as design, data collection, analysis, interpretation, and reporting.
  3. Situational Practice competencies focus on the application of evaluative thinking in analyzing and attending to the unique interests, issues, and contextual circumstances in which evaluation skills are being applied.
  4. Management Practice competencies focus on the process of managing a project / evaluation, such as budgeting, coordinating resources and supervising.
  5. Interpersonal Practice competencies focus on people skills, such as communication, negotiation, conflict resolution, collaboration, and diversity.

Many professional organization worldwide are doing good work to further professionalise this relatively new industry. Often time, the CES worked with and collaborated with sister organizations to develop this designation. Of interest to evaluators outside of Canada, there is no residency requirement for the CE designation.


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