Mentoring logo The Core Mentoring Working Group, or as we’ve shortened it, the mentoring working group (mwg). We’re a grassroots group of evaluators based in Canada. We volunteered our time to develop a National Mentoring Program for Evaluators (NMPE) in Canada. Based in three cities, we initiated efforts separately and came together as a group in the spring of 2009.

In 2011/2012,  we launched a website to help Canadian evaluators who wished to be mentors, mentees, or both, connect with each other. If you’re interested, the website is http://www.evaluationmentoringcanada.ca/

2014 CES SCE Conference

I’m pleased to be able to help out with the 2014 CES National Conference (Ottawa). I’m chipping in where I can with a few ideas and a little design support. There is an excellent group of volunteers working together to prepare for this event. Credit must be given to the co-Chairs, Isabelle Bourgeois and Jane Whynot, who really do make this volunteering with this group fun and satisfying. Credit also the C2014 Organizing Committee. Find them at http://c2014.evaluationcanada.ca/c2014-organizing-committee/.

Previously, I volunteered with Canadian Evaluation Society – British Columbia and Yukon Chapter.  Over the years I have volunteered in different capacities with cesbcy: Member-at-large, Vancouver area events coordinator, Vice President, Representative to National Council, and later Webmaster.


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